Arabic Months

Students discuss the months in arabic

Students discuss the months in Arabic

الشهور العربية

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم : ( إِِنَّ عِدَّةََ الشُّهوِر عِنْدَ اللهِ اثْنا عَشَرَ شَهْراً….) صدق الله العظيم . سورة التوبة . و المراد بالشهور ما تتألف منه السنة القمرية, إليكم الآن تلاميذ الصف الثالث في عرض جميل بصدد هذا الموضوع .

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A Life Lesson

According to a news report, a certain private school in Washington was recently faced with a unique problem.

A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom.

That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick, they would press their lips to the mirror leaving dozens of little lip prints.

Every night the maintenance man would remove them, and the next day the girls would put them back.

Finally the principal decided that something had to be done.

She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there with the maintenance man.

She explained that all these lip prints were causing a major problem for the custodian who had to clean the mirrors every night (you can just imagine the yawns from the little princesses).

To demonstrate how difficult it had been to clean the mirrors, she asked the maintenance man to show the girls how much effort was required.

He took out a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it.

Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror.

There are teachers … and then there are educators.

By Shahnaz Zafar

Begin Your Day in the Very Best Way

The first few minutes of the day set the tone for the next many hours you spend with your students, so it’s important to make them outstanding. Add blessings from the start with Suratul Fatihah (click on the image to read the verse in English, in Arabic or with transliteration).

Suratul Fatihah joins us together from the very start, reinforcing the unity among us. Sitting in a circle on the floor close to one another when we recite joins us physically and spiritually as well. These words are used to begin the Qur’an, so if Allah uses them to start what He has to say, shouldn’t we? We use these words to ask Allah to protect us and help us throughout the day. We ask Him to guide us to the right path and help us walk together as a team, strengthening one another.

Discipline problems melt away quickly just by reminding students of this surah and some related hadiths when children conflict with one another. In this way children go home happy at the end of the day and pass these positive feelings along to their parents and siblings, too.

And what better reward is there as a teacher to know that you have brought both your students and their families closer to Allah today?

By Ferial Daher