True Reliance

Trust in Allah

Trust in Allah


They scream……They cry….They’re hurt…They’re maimed….They’re killed….They are Silent!

The atrocity that we and the world are witnessing that is happening in Ghaza has grasped the attention, the feelings, the hearts and lives of each and every one of us. We have responded with rallies, petitions, candlelight vigils, meetings, sermons, bulletins, prayers, cries, anger, and silence.

I have been asked from my own dear students what they can do, and I have told them to pray in every prayer and at each opportunity that they have and it saddened me to hear one reply, “But we are and nothing has happened….”

My advice to her and the others who supported the statement with a muffled, “Ya”, was “Don’t stop, don’t give up, put your full trust in Allah, the Creator , the One and Only who sees all and Knows all.”

What would have happened if the mother of Prophet Musa didn’t put her full trust in Allah SWT? Would she have cast her small infant into the river, allowed for fate to take place, and her son to be granted a great position for the sake of Allah?

Tawwakul is true reliance on Allah and is the attitude of a true believer. It reflects a strong trust in Allah and yet it also requires the Muslim to ask Allah for help and do his part as well.

Allah SWT says, “And in Allah therefore let the believers put their trust.” (64:13)

We tend to say we have full trust in Allah, yet the sad thing is there is always a “but” at the end of that sentence showing that we have some doubts or weakness in that trust. A believer must strengthen his faith with remembrance of Allah and his great attributes and put our full one hundred percent trust in Him.

When Prophet Musa (as) was faced with the Pharoun’s army, one of his follows who were impatient and nervous said, “In front of us is this impassable barrier, the sea and behind us the enemy; surely death cannot be avoided!”

Musa (as) replied, “Nay verily my Lord is with me and He will guide me!” 26:62

Prophet Musa (as) didn’t give up he put his trust in Allah, and Allah provided a way for them to escape the enemy.

When Prophet Muhammad (s) was in the cave of Tawr, Abu Bakr whispered, “O Prophet of Allah, if one of them would look into this cave they will see us.” Prophet Muhammed (s) said with full confidence in Allah, “O Abu Bakr what do you think of the two with whom Allah is the third?”

These are only a couple of the great examples of putting ones’ full trust in Allah, SWT, and if it weren’t for this full trust we can only imagine where our faith would be at this point.

Witnessing the massacres that are happening in Ghaza and being so far from being able to help in other direct means is disheartening, discouraging, frustrating, and many times even maddening, so what can we do to keep focus and to help our brothers and sisters in the best way possible?

We support our actions of doing what we can in letting our voices be heard and standing forth upon the truth of letting it be known to one and all. Even if all we can do is a simple prayer, we must put our trust in Allah. We must not stop these prayers or small supplications because of what we are seeing, but we must put our trust in the One and Only, Allah.

Allah the Almighty commands us, “And put your trust in the Ever Living One who dies not.” 25:58

And they said, “Allah is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs.” 3:173

“Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.” 3:159

Prophet Muhammad (s) said, “If all of you were to rely upon Allah in the manner He deserves from you, then He would certainly grant you provision as He provides it to the birds that depart hungry in the morning, and return with a full belly at dusk.” (At-Tirmithi)

I remind my myself, my students, and all my brothers and sisters around this world to keep speaking the truth, keep standing in support, keep helping, keep giving, keep praying, never give up and above all, in anything that you do, put your True Reliance upon Allah and you will be victorious!

Remember upon leaving his house Prophet Muhammad (s) used to say “In the name of Allah; I trust in Allah; there is no might and no power in Allah.”

Sr. Nadia Hammoud