A Frightening Realization

Dawn of Life

The energy and enthusiasm in her voice was electric, and the inspiration she had coursing through her system made her eyes shine like a beacon on an inky night.   My friend was telling me about all of the wonderful plans she had for the future, and was describing with exciting detail what she wanted to have happening in her life 20 years later.   With her vivid depictions, even though it was her future, I was looking forward to it.

Then, somewhere in the middle of our conversation, I came to a terribly frightening realization: my friend and I were exactly two decades apart in age, so her 20 years in the future was my today.

I started wondering what had happened to all of the dreams I once had for my own future. I remembered my high school valedictorian telling our graduating class that I would be the person to change the face of chemistry as we know it.  I think that was her vision of my future more so than my own, but the suggestion she made had still left a strong impression.  She believed that I would do something important to change the world.  But since that time, what amazing things had I done to transform humanity?  If my time on this planet were to be finished right now, what could I say I would I be leaving behind?

Twenty years of my adult life had gone, and I couldn’t go back to get any one of them.

Then a line from a movie I had watched some years before echoed in my mind:  ‘Carpe diem – Seize the day’. With a heavy heart, I realized that it had taken me way too many years and a conversation with a friend to fully understand what that meant.  Would there be enough days left for me to seize now?  I would have to find out…”

The children in your care are at the dawn of their lives.  They have the whole future open to them, with endless opportunities within their reach.  That twinkle of excitement in their eyes is just being born.  And you are one of the priviledged few to witness it.

What seeds will you help these young people plant?  What role will you play in nurturing their talents and helping them bring their dreams to fruition?  They look up to you.  The come to you for advice.  They seek your wisdom.  They trust you with their imaginings, their feelings, their hopes.  Will you be there for them?

And if your own dreams haven’t yet come true, are you ready to let them begin?

By Sonia Dabboussi