Parent-Teacher Night


The report cards have gone home and now the phone is ringing. Keeping track of teachers’ appointments is very important but how can I co-ordinate those appointments without having to jump from place to place?

Keeping Track of Appointments

1.  Make an Excel sheet with the teachers’ names going down the first column, then along the top, make a column for each time slot; that way you can see at a glance which teachers have what appointments open.

2.  Make another Excel sheet for each of the teachers so that when their schedules are full you can print them so that they can prepare for the parents who will be meeting with them. This sheet should have the teachers’ name at the top and three columns: the first will have the time, the second the student’s name and the third the student’s grade. This list can also be posted on the classroom door so that parents can see what time their appointment is at.

3.  Make another table that shows which rooms the teachers can be seen in and post it in various locations in the school. It is a good idea to give a copy of this schedule to each teacher.

By Sharon McKee


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