Report Cards Made Easy (Secretaries, this one’s for you!)


It’s hard to believe our first semester is coming to a close and as office administrators we know what means report cards need to be done – hectic days ahead! My first experience doing report cards was somewhat disorganized and believe me after such and experience I put my thinking cap on and figured out a way to make it go smoothly the next semester.

Steps for organized report cards

Step One: Preparation

  1. Prepare envelopes for each student that will be used for all three semesters.
  2. Put those envelopes into file folders marked for each class.
  3. At the same time create another file folder with the classes marked on the front. This folder will be used to send the report cards to the class for distribution and later for the envelopes that will be returned to the teachers. In this folder staple a class list produced in Excel with four columns. Mark the columns as follows:

Student’ Name Term 1 Term 2 Term 3


  1. When the envelopes and forms are returned to the teacher s/he will circle the appropriate answer and return the folder to the office. Remove page 3 from the envelope and place it in the folder, put the envelope back into the first file ready for Term Two.
  2. Use the sheet inside this folder to contact parents who have not returned the envelope or third page.
  3. Check the third page to see if parents are requesting an interview for parent teacher night and call to set up the appointment.
  4. Once you have checked the sheets and removed the envelopes pass the file to the Principal to review the parent’s remarks.

Step Two: Time to Print!

  1. Place the printed report cards into a pocket folder with each grade marked on the front of the folder.
  2. Take the printed report cards to the principal to be signed. Once the principal has signed the report cards take them to the homeroom teacher for his/her signature.
  3. Make a photocopy of the signed report cards and keep this in the left pocket of the folder ready to be placed in the student’s record file. Original copies go temporarily into the right pocket of the folder.
  4. Take the original copy and place it in the student’s envelope (previously prepared in Step 1) and place it into the file prepared with the class list in it (also from Step 1).
  5. Send them to the classes on report card day with a smile!

By Sharon McKee


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