But I have to teach gym!


If you Google the words ‘how to teach’ you’ll get some interesting results.  You’ll find out how to teach handwriting, or how to teach baby sign language, or even how to teach teens to drive safely, but how about just how to teach?  The most important part is missing.

Here’s Tip #1 to get you started:

One of the most basic rules of thumb is to teach what you love.  But I know you don’t always have that choice.  You adore elementary math, but you’ve also got physical education in your timetable.

“How am I supposed to love to teach phys. ed. when I hardly even know which end of a tennis racquet to hold?” you ask?  Here’s the secret:  you find something, anything, that you even remotely enjoy about teaching gym and focus on that when you’re with your students.  Maybe you think it’s really interesting to see the patterns in the racquet strings (think art), or how a slight twist of the wrist creates such a magnified change in the direction of the tennis ball (think science).  Choose what you’d like, but find something you truly enjoy and keep that idea in your mind.

The positive feelings that you have while you’re focusing on your wrist, and on all of the wrists of your students, will be passed onto your young learners.  Before you know it your class will become more interesting and more enjoyable for all because those good feelings you’re emanating will become associated with tennis, with phys. ed., and with you.

Then the rest of the classes from here on out are smooth sailing…until basketball season.

By Sonia Dabboussi


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